0.1 hp (75 W) Air Motor
35,000, 50,000 & 60,000 RPM
Turbine-Drive Repair Tutorial

Models: 51700, 51701, 51702, 51703, 51704, 51705, 51706, 51707, 51708, 51730, 51731, 51732,
Revised: September 2nd, 2014



Use these instructions along with the tool, parts page or manual.

a) Shut off air supply.
b) Open ON/OFF Valve to deplete remaining air.
c) Disconnect tool from air supply hose.
d) Insert 51694 Pin through housing cross-hole.
e) Use 95731 Wrench (8 mm), remove accessory
from collet.
f) Remove 51657 Collet Cap and insert.
(If needed, use 96486 Collet Insert Removal Tool.)

Step 1

To remove 51276 Hose from turbine cover, cut hose
1.000" (~25 mm) from cover. Cut hose from barb.
Set hose aside until Assembly Step #13.

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Step 2

Insert 51694 Pin through housing and drive shaft cross-holes. Fasten housing in vise with aluminum or bronze jaws.
Use a "HEAT GUN" to warm housing and soften thread adhesive.

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Step 3

Use 94605 Pin Wrench to remove turbine cover.
Turn counterclockwise.

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Step 4

Invert pencil grinder in vise.
Use an adjustable wrench to remove collet guard.
Turn counterclockwise.

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Step 5

Use 96479 Extension Retainer Wrench to remove
51548 Bearing Retainer
Turn counterclockwise.
Remove housing from vise and remove 94984 Spacer.

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Step 6

Use soft-face hammer to bump drive shaft and remove
from housing.

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Step 7

Insert 51694 Pin through cross-hole in drive shaft.
Fasten drive shaft in vise with turbine motor pointing up.
Use an adjustable wrench or 96408 Top Plate Wrench
to remove 51655 Top Plate and disassemble motor.
Turn counterclockwise.

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Step 8


Important: xxx

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Step 9

Use 96346 Bearing Separator and 96232 Arbor Press to remove 51651 or 51686 Bearing.

Important: If bearing remained in housing,
use "HEAT GUN" to warm housing and soften adhesive. Knock end of housing on wooden surface to
remove bearing.

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Step 10

Use 94999 Air Bushing Tool, or a wood screw to remove
51662 Air Bushing. Remove 51684 Muffler.

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Disassembly Complete

Clean, inspect, and replace worn parts before assembling.