0.4 hp Motor - 7 Degree Offset

Models: 47211, 47212, 48205, 48207, 48335, 48337, 48500, 48503
Revised: Sept. 17th, 2012 By Irv Roy

Disassembly of Throttle Body,
Valve & Muffler:

Step 1

Use the 96461 Repair Collar to hold the 01546 or 50776 Housing in a vise, with the tool spindle pointing up.

Step 2

Pull the 01558 Collar back onto the throttle body housing. Use the 96460 Wrench to loosen the throttle body from the 7° housing. Left Hand Thread Turn clockwise.


Step 3

Fasten the 01578 or 94523 Inlet Adapter in a vise with aluminum or bronze jaws so that the throttle body is pointing up.

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Step 4

Use the 96393 Throttle Body Socket to separate the throttle body from the muffler assembly. Turn counterclockwise.

Step 5

To disassemble the muffler and valve components, Click Here and enter your Dynabrade Model Number to view the exploded view instructions found in the parts page or tool manual.

Throttle Body Disassembly Complete.

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