Motor Disassembly:

Step 1

Important: Use these instructions along with the tool parts page or manual.

Notice: Shut off the air supply and depress throttle lever to deplete the remaining air. • Carefully disconnect the tool from the air supply hose. • Remove the abrasive belt and contact arm assembly. • Use the Special Repair Tools designed for the disassembly and assembly of
this motor.

Use a 3 mm hex key to loosen the 01788 Motor Lock Screw.
Remove the 15060 Housing Assembly from the air motor.

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Step 2

Carefully fasten the 01546 Housing in a vise with aluminum or bronze jaws so that the drive wheel is pointing up.

Notice: Over tightening vise will damage housing. Repair Collar 96461 (designed to protect the 01546 Housing) is available upon order.

Use the 95262, 14 mm Wrench and a 4 mm hex key to remove the 15118 Drive Wheel.

Notice: If the drive wheel cannot be removed, or the optional rubber drive wheel, 40378 has been installed, refer to Step #3.

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Step 3

Use the 50971 Lock Ring Tool or an adjustable 3 mm pin spanner wrench to remove the 15106 Exhaust Cover. Turn counterclockwise.

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Step 4

Loosen the vise and carefully pull the motor out of the 01546 Housing. Remove the 02679 Shield.

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Step 5

Fasten the 96346 Bearing Separator (2")
around the 01476 Cylinder.
Place the bearing separator in the 96232 Arbor Press (#2)
so that the drive wheel is pointing down.
Use a 3/16" or 5 mm diameter flat end drive punch as a press tool and push the rotor out of the 02696 Bearing.

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Step 6

Use the 96210 Bearing Removal Tool and the arbor press to remove the 02696 Bearing from the rear bearing plate.

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Step 7

Fasten the rotor in the vise with aluminum or bronze jaws so that the drive wheel is pointing up. Use the 95262, 14 mm Wrench,
or groove pliers to remove the drive wheel. Turn counterclockwise. Remove the exhaust cover, felt silencers, bearing, plate, shims and the 01479 Spacer.

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Motor disassembly complete.