Use these instructions along with the tool, parts page or manual.



  • Shut off air supply.
  • Open 51655 ON/OFF Valve to deplete air.
  • Disconnect tool from air supply hose.

Brake Replacement:

Step 1

Use external retaining ring pliers to remove 60103 Retaining Ring
and 60072 Brake Assembly.

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Step 2

Remove 60075 Backing Plate from bore of 60072 Brake Assembly.
Inspect 60105 and 60104 O-rings.
Replace o-rings if worn or damaged.
Replace 60103 Retaining Ring if damaged.
Follow reverse order to install brake assembly.

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Step 3

See: Quick-Change Pencil Grinder - Drive/Motor Assembly,
Step #12-14

a) Apply Loctite #7649 Primer to threads on cover.
b) After five minutes, apply a small amount of Loctite #567 to threads.
c) Install turbine cover onto housing and tighten. Torque to
14 N•m/~125 lbs. in.

Important: Allow Loctite Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds to cure/fixture for 30 minutes before
checking RPM.

d) Fasten 94600 (1/8") or 94601 (3/32") Ø Guage Pin into collet.
e) Supply 90 psig. (6.2 Bar) maximum operating air pressure at
air hose of tool.
f) Use tachometer to verify maximum speed.

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Brake Replacement Complete