0.4 hp Motor - Angle-Head
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Models: 49135, 49400, 49410, 49420, 49430, 49440, 49455
Revised: April 5th, 2013


Use these instructions along with the tool, parts page or manual.
To repair air motor, planetary reduction gears, separate the planetary adapter or gear case from the housing core,
view and follow links below:
• Disassembly Instructions - 0.4 hp Air Motor - Straight
• Disassembly Instructions - 0.4 hp Planetary Reduction Gears


Click Here and enter your Dynabrade Model Number to view the following additional repair support documents;


  • Current Parts Page/Manual
  • Special Tools Needed For Repair
  • Tune-Up Kit Page
  • Disassembly/Assembly Instructions Printable Format.
  • Component Wear Percentages
  • Specific Accessories



  • To avoid damage to the motor housing, use the Special Repair Tools designed for the disassembly/assembly of
    this motor.
  • Disconnect the tool from the air supply.
  • Use the appropriate wrenches to hold the work spindle.

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